Who knew that a bunch of guys in their early twenties could harbor such heavy emotion…and actually be able to express it so well?  Dublin’s Kodaline aren’t making music to fill the nights at the pub with your buddies, but to fill the nights when you are in need of commiseration.   Kodaline’s songs are like a volcano, each slowly bubbling up with soft vocals and acoustic guitars that build to an eruption of drums and chants when the pain is just too much to bare. With their self-titled debut EP, Kodaline have chosen to go the literal route and not mince words.  The first song off their EP, “All I Want,” is indicative of Kodaline’s method: being lyrically about as subtle as a sledgehammer (“If you love me, then why’d you leave me?”).  But the bluntness of their message is countered by the infusion of contemporary rock merged with the ballads indicative of their Irish roots.  Heartbreak never sounded so good.

Best Tracks:

All I Want




When & Where:

If your friend is going through a hard breakup, give them Kodaline’s EP…and hide any sharp objects.

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