It’s hard to tell whether Slow Magic is dream pop,  chillwave, or some marriage of the two.  Either way, Triangle, the 2012 debut instrumental album by Slow Magic, lives up to both labels, matching trancelike beats with gleaming synths to create relaxing, transcendental music.  While I would love to tell you more, the individual behind the music is a mystery.  According to Slow Magic, “The main reason for hiding my identity is to make music the main focus of the project. I think it is important that people notice the music first instead of a face or a location.”  Maybe he has a point, because when I listen to Triangle, all I can think about is where the music is taking me, instead of who is taking me there.

Best Tracks:

Toddler Tiger


Feel Flows

When & Where:

When you need something more therapeutic (and a hell of a lot cheaper) than seeing a shrink.

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