Chvrches, the electropop outfit from Scotland, isn’t a collection of really poor spellers or a group going for some Roman vibe.  Chvrches simply replaced the “u” with a “v” so internet searches for the band wouldn’t result solely in religious destinations.  That is not the only simplisticly impressive quality from the trio, who formed in 2011 and have created huge buzz for their upcoming EP, Recover, set for release on March 26, 2013.  The attention is due in large part to “The Mother We Share,” the synth absorbed electronic track that has an irresistible hook and the sharp, smooth vocals of frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry will not, perplexingly, share real estate on Recover.  “The Mother We Share” .  “The Mother We Share” is a promising track that all but guarantees us that Chvrches’ debut EP will be the answer to ovr prayers.  Enjoy.

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