Ducktails, which started out as the solo project of Matthew Mondanile of Real Estate, has slowly turned into a group effort over the course of four albums, with Mondanile incorporating friends and colleagues into the music making process.  Ducktails’ most recent album, the slightly soulful The Flower Lane, released in January of 2013, has a nostalgic feel with pop melodies that mimic the styles of 70s jazz and 80s synth.  The standout track is “Letter of Intent,” a smooth, lo-fi tune that lays down a funky clarinet solo and borrows the soft, angelic tones of Future Shuttles’ Jessica Farkas.   “Letter of Intent” proves that Mondanile should invite his friends over to play more often.  Enjoy.

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Side Note: Am I the only one who thinks the clarinetist is Macauley Culkin’s doppleganger?