When I first heard “All the Bros Say” by Abadabad, I did a double take.  Not because of the name, but I had to confirm that I was listening to a band that didn’t exist when I was born.  “All the Bros Say” sounds like it was written while the group was literally surfing in Malibu in 1960, not while the Massachusetts fivesome was putting together their debut EP, The Wild, in Boston last year.  Anyway, they have me fooled (which is easy to do).  “All the Bros Say” is a fuzzy, ‘beach pop’ track with a haziness that mimics recordings on vintage analog equipment. Even with its old school vibe, Abadabad emits a modern energy matched with less throwback-ish lyrics (and i aint spending my summer wondering where you are/so get the hell out of my car).  Enjoy.

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Side note:  Frontman Jeremy Lee Given may be the first guy to make telling a girl to get the hell out of his car sound endearing.  Kudos.