Spring should be arriving any minute now and I’m ready for some music that makes me want cannonball into a pool or dive into the ocean.  For the ushering in of warm weather, is there any better band name than Swim Deep?  The indie rock outfit, hailing from the UK, have more appeal just their name.  One of England’s most hyped rock groups, Swim Deep have yet to release Where the Heaven Are We, their debut album (due out on July 29, 2013) but have dropped a handful of singles that are fun, dynamic, and wear their 50s, 60s and 70s influences on their sleeve.  One of the singles that will hopefully make Where the Heaven… is “The Sea,” which hit the internet on March 1, 2013.  “The Sea” is a whimsical, infectious little rock track that will pick up the weather’s slack in keeping you warm for the next few months.  Enjoy.

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Side Note: That intro is hauntingly reminiscent of Presidents of the United States’ “Peaches.”