Florrie isn’t just a pretty face.  Her blonde hair and model-worthy face belie the fierceness indicative of her music.  After years of honing her drumming skills in England, working as a session drummer for various bands and with some of the UK’s hottest studios, she dropped the sticks and took center stage, where it is clear she always belonged.  After releasing three EPs on her own, Florrie recently signed with a major label, and released “Live a Little,” a brash, fist-pumping, horn-infused rock/pop track that gives us a taste of what’s to come.  “Live a Little” has a kinetic beat that you can break a sweat trying to keep up with, but what do you expect from a drummer?  If “Live a Little” keeps you out of breath, hit the gym because I can only imagine that Florrie’s debut album isn’t going to take it easy on us.  Enjoy.
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