It’s as if we are all waiting for that one song to usher in and define the summer.  Well, the wait is over in epic fashion.  On May 16, the (no longer) unknown LA group, Smallpools, released “Dreaming,” their debut single through record label Neon Gold, home of fellow synth pop crooners, Passion Pit.  “Dreaming” bursts from the first note with explosions of electrifying synths, twangy guitars, slick lyrics and an incredibly tight production.  Sure, they share a similar sound to their  labelmates, but that takes nothing away from how addicting and impressive Smallpools’ first entry is.  “Dreaming” is destined to be on every single summer mix I make over the next three months. Enjoy.

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Side note: I’ve been playing this song on repeat for the past 2 days with no intention of stopping.