I’m a complete sucker for everything by Norwegian songstress, Mr. Little Jeans a/k/a Monica Birkenes.  Not much has changed since I first posted about Birkenes  a year ago, with the pop artist sporadically releasing singles ever since she first materialized with her first EP, Angels, in 2010.  Her most recent single, “Oh Sailor,” which may or may not be on her upcoming debut album (and which may or may not be released before I have grandchildren), is a departure from her typically dance-inducing catalog.  “Oh Sailor” finds Birkenes’ intoxicating alto calmly mimicking the feeling of being alone at sea.   The tone shifts with the eruption of a chorus chanted by children (When you feel like you’re out there on your own/Know there is someone watching over you/When out at sea, feels love can let go/ 
Oh sailor, we will blow the wind right) which makes sense since when you’re a child, nothing is more important than the feeling of safety when you’re alone.

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Side note:When I was a child, this was way more important than the feeling of safety.