484152_443036002437765_386428660_nMisun describes their brand of rock/pop as “aquawave,”  which, after listening to their unique style, must mean 60s west coast surfer swing style mixed with elements of funk and soul.  Now that we have a general idea, let’s dive right in.  Misun is a DC-based trio named after its lead singer, Misun Wojcik, whose pipes are fearless and more powerful than a speeding freight train.  Misun‘s sound is incredibly original and easy to become obsessed with.  Even though their songs are fun with strong and catchy hooks, the true appeal to Misun is that we are dealing with a group of seriously talented musicians with incredible range and the ability to weave multiple genres together into cohesive deliciousness.  In July of last year, Misun released their debut EP, The Sea, which, while impressive, doesn’t capture the band’s vibe as well as the random tracks they’ve released over the past year or so. Where The Sea is extremely polished, their scattered singles are grittier and have a lot more attitude.  Either way, these guys deserve your attention.  Enjoy.

Best Tracks:




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