So what if I’m arriving late to the party?  Sure, Blonds released their ominously impressive debut album, The Bad Ones, in August of 2012, and I’m only now talking about it, but who cares?  (Please say you don’t care.)  Since you don’t, let’s proceed.  This talented Florida duo craft 60s inspired melodies tinged with a bit of darkness.  Picture your nostalgia haunted by ghosts and then recorded with a warped Kubrickian vision. Cari Rae, who sings a few octaves lower than your typical songstress, adds a depth to each track and shakes away any semblance of kitschy pop that The Bad Ones could have been victim to.  With many murky layers, it sounds like Blonds don’t always have more fun.

Best Tracks:


“Mr. E”


When & Where:

For a nice relaxing weekend at the Overlook Hotel.  I highly recommend the garden maze in the back of the hotel.

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