Labor Day Weekend may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the summer celebrations have to end.  If it did, it would be an awful waste of the best summer party soundtrack, Magic City Hippies, the debut album from the Robby Hunter Band.   Basking in the Miami sun, the indie funk trio serves up an album scorched with hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul.  Each of the 12 tracks on Magic CIty Hippies has its own unique identity, but all of them are inspired by the chill beach lifestyle filled with parties and love affairs that last about as long as the sunset.  It’s not easy singling out any one track, so here are three that should inspire you to sneak out of work in search of a sunburn and a hangover.  Enjoy.

“Corazon” – a flow like a sped up Slick Rick and a De La Soul-influences chorus, this is the ultimate throwback rap track.

“Book I Never Read” – Exotic beats covered with an R&B flow, this track should be playing on every flight to any tropical location.

“BUST” – a more seductive R&B track about um…um…just listen to the lyrics and I think you’ll understand.

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