foreign born

It’s bittersweet being introduced to a great band that is no longer in existence.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of being  a fan is the anticipation of new music.  Maybe that’s why I’m a bit cruel today, introducing you to an amazing indie outfit that went on “indefinite hiatus” in 2011.  But after listening to their music, I doubt you’ll stay mad at me for too long.  Foreign Born formed in 2003 in San Francisco, releasing just two albums before the members stepped away to explore separate projects.  Their second album, Person to Person, released in 2009, is a rich, thoughtful album that at times is joyus, solemn, and always moving.  Perhaps the best examples from this stellar record are the ominous “Blood Oranges,” the stirring “It Grew On You,” and the magical “Early Warnings.”  Don’t resist Foreign Born just because we may have gotten our final taste, especially when it tastes this sweet.  Enjoy.

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