You couldn’t really expect a band named Vancouver Sleep Clinic to create anything other than calm, trance-inducing melodies, could you?  It’s not like we were expecting  Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s first single, “Vapour” to be an entry on the Headbanger’s Ball (does that still exist?).  The bedroom project of high school student, Tim Bettinson, VSC  looks to be a promising solo effort that exudes a depth and maturity beyond Bettinson’s teenage years.  “Vapour” is a song for those who are jonesing to fade away for just a few minutes or maybe find a cure for their insomnia.  A song that induces a little bit of shut-eye may seem like an insult, but listen to “Vapour” and Bettinson’s…well, vaporous voice, and you’ll realize it’s a compliment.  Enjoy.

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