Polyenso is something special.  Formerly named Oceana, the band disbanded, reformed, changed names, changed the lineup, and emerged as something far greater than what we could have expected.  Polyenso is an alternative rock outfit whose latest album and first under their new identity, One Big Particular Loop, immediately draws comparisons to the later releases of Radiohead.  Lead singer Brennan Taulbee has many Yorke-esque qualities to his vocals and the tracks have dark tones and off kilter, sputtering beats that are clearly influenced by the Kid A era (and beyond).  “Always Ending in You,” one of the best tracks on the album, and one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while, has Taulbee’s pained voice begging for someone over tribal beats and a fragile melody that fades into a surprisingly fitting trumpet solo.  Definitely give Polyenso your attention because its groups like these that get us excited about being music fans.  Enjoy.

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