Thank you for visiting EWH, a blog dedicated to bringing you the best of everything we hear.  Most people don’t have hours a week to spend searching for new music.  That is where EWH comes in.  This blog brings you great music (mostly indie music) from artists who have not yet had the exposure to be easily discoverable just by turning on the television or the radio.

I used to write two entries a week but due to this thing called life, I’ve had to pull it back.  My goal is to post 2 entries a month going forward.

Please feel free to email me at everythingwehear@gmail.com with any questions, recommendations or music for a potential review.


I’m Adam, corporate slave by day, music junkie by night.  I live in NYC and basically spend all my free time searching for new music.  I have always been obsessed with discovering new music and sharing it with friends.  That love combined with my desire to write resulted in the creation of this blog.

In addition to music, I’m a comic book junkie (no, I don’t live in my mom’s basement) and cinephile.  I’m also a freelance journalist and have had the opportunity to interview some great artists for several websites and magazines.  Below is a link to my portfolio site.

Again, thank you for visiting the blog and I hope your music library ends up having one or two bands you read about here.  Cheers.