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Sleep Forever by Black Honey


The dark and haunting sounds of Black Honey are perfectly matched to the level of mystery surrounding the band itself.  Other than being based out of the UK (I think), very little is known of Black Honey other than “Sleep Forever” being their first single.  While this track is labeled a demo, the sound is refined and any roughness in production is undoubtedly on purpose.  The track is as gritty as a blues rock/psychedelic track should be.  The sparse instrumentation and the unknown songstress aching away over twangy guitars just further enhances the aura of a band cutting records in a dingy, shadowy basement.  With a sound this good, let’s hope they don’t find their way out anytime soon.  Enjoy.

Los Angeles by Memoir


Let’s start off the new year with one of the songs I fell in love with at the end of the old year.  “Los Angeles,” by Memoir, who hail from the song’s namesake, launches us into 2014 with enough soul to last us until 2016.  Memoir is the kind of band you wouldn’t be surprised to find playing at a smoky bar in NYC’s seediest neighborhood or under the red glow of some secret Hollywood club.  There’s a shadowy nostalgia to “Los Angeles” as the band bittersweetly embraces the pains and the pleasures of the past.  Dena Deadly adds gravity to the track with a voice as confident as any that has pumped through a set of speakers.  Frontmen be damned.  Enjoy.

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River by The Belle Game


It seems that the best way to guarantee a quality track is to just put the word “river” in the title.  Some examples you ask?  “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li, “Rivers of Babylon” by Brent Dowe, and yes, I will admit it, “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake.  Canada’s The Belle Game keeps the streak flowing with “River,”one of the most impressive tracks so far this year.  “River” is an unearthly dark pop track loaded with enough heartache and soul to level buildings.  Andrea Lo’s stirring, inviting vocals provide the sweltering heat that gives the track its sultry edge and a funk/blues instrumental in the song’s latter half injects a smoky, underground nightclub feel.   This is about as good as pop music gets.  Enjoy.

And an amazing live version:

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Magic City Hippies by the Robby Hunter Band


Labor Day Weekend may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the summer celebrations have to end.  If it did, it would be an awful waste of the best summer party soundtrack, Magic City Hippies, the debut album from the Robby Hunter Band.   Basking in the Miami sun, the indie funk trio serves up an album scorched with hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul.  Each of the 12 tracks on Magic CIty Hippies has its own unique identity, but all of them are inspired by the chill beach lifestyle filled with parties and love affairs that last about as long as the sunset.  It’s not easy singling out any one track, so here are three that should inspire you to sneak out of work in search of a sunburn and a hangover.  Enjoy.

“Corazon” – a flow like a sped up Slick Rick and a De La Soul-influences chorus, this is the ultimate throwback rap track.

“Book I Never Read” – Exotic beats covered with an R&B flow, this track should be playing on every flight to any tropical location.

“BUST” – a more seductive R&B track about um…um…just listen to the lyrics and I think you’ll understand.

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Better Off by Quadron


It took Quadron three years to return after its self-titled debut album and it was worth the wait.  Want proof?  Just check out the duo’s jazzy, soft rock track, “Better Off,” from their sophomore album, Avalanche.  The R&B groove and faint funk guitar keeps the song pulsating smoothly.  “Better Off” melts into a subdued verse by the skilled rapper, Kendrick Lamar, who doesn’t attempt to steal the spotlight but be a natural extension of the song.  Everyone has that list of songs that define a summer and this year, “Better Off” should make each list.  You’d be better off not to miss this track.  See what I did there?  Enjoy.

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Spray Paint or Praise by The Chemist


Australia’s answer to the Black Keys?  Quite possibly.  The Chemist have been churning out blues-infused rock music since their debut EP, Lullabies, in 2010.  On March 22, they released their debut album, Ballet in the Badlands.   Spaghetti western guitars strum in the background while frontman, Ben Witt’s jaded attitude oozes with reverb on “Spray Paint or Praise,” The Chemist’s first single off the new record.  Looking to put a little stank in your music rotation, experiment with The Chemist‘s “Spray Paint or Praise.”  Enjoy.

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Side note: Stank is a good thing.

Someone Else by Stormchasers


While there is no shortage of musicians, mostly female, tapping into the sound of 50s and 60s funk, blues, and soul, so few are doing it with a big band feel.  That’s what makes Stormchasers, the seven member group led by Katherine Sheppard, such a breath of fresh air for an oft visited era.  Their recent single, “Someone Else,” has more energy than a 9-year-old on ritalin and just the right amount of swagger from the sharp sting of the trombone and deep blasts of the saxophone.  Enjoy.


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