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So Into You by Chris Malinchak


I never thought a dance track would make it onto this blog but Chris Malinchak’s “So Into You” is just too good.  The Brooklynite who made his debut in 2010 with the glossy single, “Beiji-Me,” seems to have found the balance between shiny, simple hooks and tight, complex production.  “So Into You” has so much R&B goodness, the alternative purists won’t lose any cred for blasting it in their apartments.   Stop acting like you don’t love this.  I know you do.  Enjoy.

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Guts by Chela


It’s been at least four or five minutes since I’ve posted something imported from Australia.  The latest is synth’s newest heavy hitter, Chela.  Chela‘s star is on the rise as she appears to be churning out catchy, lovelorn electro-pop hits pretty regularly these days.   Chela built her buzz by appearing with LA’s buzzworthy Goldroom but is showing now that she can easily take the reins.   Each song she releases comes with a visually simplistic video focused solely on the songstress. The most recent to receive the video treatment is “Guts,” a slick track with an anthematic chorus and beats that make staying away from the dancefloor close to impossible.  Enjoy.

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Side note: Looks like Chela saves a fortune on paint.

Down on Life by Elliphant


“I want you to take all my shadows for a walk tonight.”  I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cool.  As does the rest of “Down on Life,” the electronic dance track by Sweden’s Elliphant.   Taking a cue from female forces like MIA and Santagold, Elliphant’s music is unapologetic and intimidatingly confident.  Off of her mostly brash and aggressive self-titled debut EP, “Down on Life” is a slightly reggae infused song that has Elliphant swinging from seductive to standoffish while futuristic blips pulsate in the background.  If “Down on Life” doesn’t have you on your feet and ready to start some trouble, my mom’s Michael Bolton blog may be right up your alley.  Enjoy.

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It ain’t no secret…Mystery Skulls is funky as hell

Luis Dubuc, formerly of the Secret Handshake doesn’t plan on being subtle about the flashy, disco driven music being blasted on the first EP under his new moniker, Mystery Skulls.  Five songs deep, Mystery Skulls’ December 2011 release, aptly titled “EP,” is a confident, beat blasting dance anthem melding morphed synthpop, 90s Nintendo video game melodies with Dubuc’s crisp, swagger-filled vocals.

While this entry is to highlight EP, the best song produced by Mystery Skulls can’t be found on its first multi-track release.  Skulls’ signature song was released as a single and its title reflects Dubuc’s mindset as he begins formulating the image of Mystery Skulls: Unstoppable.

Best Tracks:

Unstoppable has an awkward, twisted bass and a sharp beat that is impossible not to stomp your feet to.  Dubuc knows the tricks of the trade, looping the music and building up to an electronic assaulting chorus.

Amazing starts out with a sense of urgency thanks to the pulsating beat, Dubuc’s straining voice and not much else.  The song finds its groove once it hits the chorus with harmonies and an ominous synth that fade in and out.

Money starts off with an 80s style guitar riff, which is the perfect intro to a song title which represents the “Me Decade.”  Money quickly turns back to its electronics-inspired roots while staying true to the self-absorbed attitude that gives the song, and Mystery Skulls, its arrogant attitude.




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