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Waves That Rolled You Under by Young Summer


Young Summer first had us hooked with the single, “Fever Dream,” off her debut EP of the same name.   On that same EP, released in June of last year, was “Waves That Rolled You Under,” which received delayed attention.  While it makes perfect sense that “Waves That Rolled You Under” has garnered screen time in the blogosphere in the past few months, what doesn’t make sense is that it took so long.  Featuring Bobby Allen’s signature matured, nostalgic intonation backed by slow unwinding melodies, “Waves That Rolled You Under” is a track that can make you feel powerful and powerless at the same time.  Enjoy.

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Turn it Around by Lucius


Lucius is one of those little gems that were snatched up – like most great indie gems – by Mom + Pop Music (home of Sleigh Bells, Wavves).  One of the label’s more diverse bands, Brooklyn-based Lucius is crooning like a 60s girl pop group one minute and then belting out modern love ballads or 70s and 80s pop/punk tracks the next.  The schizophrenic nature of the band works surprisingly well on their debut album, Wildewoman, released this past October.  But if we are going to focus on one track (which you know we gotta do), we’ll spotlight “Turn it Around,”  the album’s most popular song for good reason.  It’s got an addictive hook and just the right amount of attitude to make you feel pretty damn cool just listening to it.  Enjoy.

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Don’t Miss Out on Misun

484152_443036002437765_386428660_nMisun describes their brand of rock/pop as “aquawave,”  which, after listening to their unique style, must mean 60s west coast surfer swing style mixed with elements of funk and soul.  Now that we have a general idea, let’s dive right in.  Misun is a DC-based trio named after its lead singer, Misun Wojcik, whose pipes are fearless and more powerful than a speeding freight train.  Misun‘s sound is incredibly original and easy to become obsessed with.  Even though their songs are fun with strong and catchy hooks, the true appeal to Misun is that we are dealing with a group of seriously talented musicians with incredible range and the ability to weave multiple genres together into cohesive deliciousness.  In July of last year, Misun released their debut EP, The Sea, which, while impressive, doesn’t capture the band’s vibe as well as the random tracks they’ve released over the past year or so. Where The Sea is extremely polished, their scattered singles are grittier and have a lot more attitude.  Either way, these guys deserve your attention.  Enjoy.

Best Tracks:




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Singular Focus – Dreams by Taken By Trees


A recent trip to Hawaii served as the inspiration for Other Worlds, the new album by Victoria Bergsman a.k.a Taken by Trees.  The influence of the tropical, calming excursion is no more evident than on Dreams, the standout track from the October 2nd release.  The guitars, clacking percussions, and Bergsman’s soothing tone seem to echo into oblivion.  So lay down or hide under your desk with a pillow, because this song is about as chill as it gets.  Enjoy.


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Singular Focus – Mother of Pearl by Silver Swans

Seriously, Mother of Pearl by Silver Swans has to be the sweetest little track I’ve heard in a while.  Even though Mother of Pearl, off of the San Fran-based duo’s 2012 sophomore album, Forever, is a slick, electronic, 80s inspired tune, it’s still unusually endearing and innocent.   Maybe it’s the way Anna Yu hypnotically exhales high school crush lyrics, “And I will lay my eyes on you…” or maybe the way the song never crescendos but remains consistently relaxed with twilight-inspired sounds echoing in the background.  Maybe you should just hear for yourself.  Enjoy.

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Mr. Little Jeans – one size fits all

I thought I had uncovered this incredible unknown Norwegian pop singer when I stumbled upon Mr. Little Jeans, a.k.a Monica Birkenes.  My ego was brought down a few notches when I found her on Facebook over 12,000 friends deep, and with good reason.  Birkenes hasn’t released an album yet but has put out a few singles which have been the subject of multiple indie DJ remixes…some of them are actually pretty good.  Birkenes’s music is complex in production and balances darker and lighter melodies with her clean, relaxed singing style.  For your listening pleasure, check out the fun, synth heavy Rescue Song remix and the thicker, more ominous Suburbs.  Enjoy.

Rescue Song (RAC Remix)


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Australia’s Gossling Elevates Emotions From Down Under

I won’t lie.  I was a little thrown off the first time I heard Helen Croome’s vocals on Gossling’s most recent 5 song EP, Until Then.  However, I quickly realized that it’s Croome’s unique and youthful voice which gives Until Then an intimacy which makes you believe that she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders with each heavy emotion she sings.

With Croome on piano and an accompanying percussion, bass, and cello, Until Then keeps the instrumental component deep and subtle while focusing more on lyrics, which are like heartbreaking poems set to music.


Ancient Love: The slow piano chords accompanied by Croome’s deliberate, patient delivery encapsulate her loneliness and aching for a past love who chooses to drift while she waits longingly for his return. These seas have upheaved us, with strength of an idle wave/You’ve been happy drifting, while I’ve been your constant shore.

War: A quicker tempo coupled with Anita Quayle’s constant, soothing cello create a fuller sound, which makes War  the most radio accessible track on the EP.  Whether a metaphor for an embattled relationship or a true inquiry into the pains of war, this song makes us question why we do things that hurt us so much.

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Singular Focus – So So Fresh by Nico Vega

The rarest of female singers are the ones that can rock out and rip the mic to shreds.  While not the strongest album in the world, Los Angeles-based Nico Vega’s self titled debut album contains a few decent songs, however, the shining jewel in the crown is So So Fresh.  The immediate familiarity with the song is due to Aja Volkman, whose vocals are a throwback to Joan Jett.

I can’t help but snarl when I hear this song.  It makes you feel like a righteous mofo with the rhythmic lead guitar and the chorus which has that balls-to-the-wall straining vocal followed by some messy chanting that fits the tone of the song perfectly.  Even without a bass guitar, you feel deep full thump laced throughout the song.

If you fall madly in love with this song, I recommend Wooden Dolls which shows off Aja’s versatility in displaying her smoky vocals that easily transition to a piercing voice triumphantly bashing the chorus (a little over a minute into the track).  I guess I’m cheating and should have called this double focus.  Whatever.  Get over it.


So So Fresh:

Wooden Dolls:

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