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LFT by Quadron


About a year ago I posted “Better Off,” a song by R&B duo, Quadron.  This was the first song I heard off of Quadron’s sophomore album, Avalanche.  Had I listened to the album fully at that time, I would have realized that Avalanche is filled with slick R&B tracks that easily eclipse “Better Off.”  One of the most notable tracks is “LFT” (Looking for Trouble), which oozes cool and has a subtle funky groove to it.  Hard to resist that.  Enjoy.

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The Beast by Ikebe Shakedown


Uh!!!  That’s the guttural ‘Uh!” when a song is so good, so funky, that your brain goes right back into cro-magnon mode and it’s the only sound that you can make to express complete satisfaction.  I usually say it three times per track when listening to the jazz/afro-beat outfit, Ikebe Shakedown. The NY-based crew recently released their second full length album, Stone by Stone, and it’s near impossible to find a track that isn’t bursting with soul and slick beats.  Seven members strong, Ikebe Shakedown is instrumental music at its funk perfection.  Just check out “The Beast,” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Enjoy.  It’s almost impossible not to.

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At Your Touch by Joe Hertz


London based artist and producer, Joe Hertz, gives old school R&B a heavy synth redux with his debut single, “At Your Touch.”  Electronics rarely sound organic so it’s all the more impressive that this newcomer is able to soften up each blip and pulse to create a computerized track that feels as natural as breathing.  Hertz’s production is clean while still being complex, melding R&B with neo-soul and house, a twangy bass with lush melodies, and seductive verses with emotionally charged choruses.  The way these competing styles absorb into one another makes “At Your Touch” sound like your ipod at a swingers party.  Enjoy.

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Magic City Hippies by the Robby Hunter Band


Labor Day Weekend may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the summer celebrations have to end.  If it did, it would be an awful waste of the best summer party soundtrack, Magic City Hippies, the debut album from the Robby Hunter Band.   Basking in the Miami sun, the indie funk trio serves up an album scorched with hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul.  Each of the 12 tracks on Magic CIty Hippies has its own unique identity, but all of them are inspired by the chill beach lifestyle filled with parties and love affairs that last about as long as the sunset.  It’s not easy singling out any one track, so here are three that should inspire you to sneak out of work in search of a sunburn and a hangover.  Enjoy.

“Corazon” – a flow like a sped up Slick Rick and a De La Soul-influences chorus, this is the ultimate throwback rap track.

“Book I Never Read” – Exotic beats covered with an R&B flow, this track should be playing on every flight to any tropical location.

“BUST” – a more seductive R&B track about um…um…just listen to the lyrics and I think you’ll understand.

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Pomslap by Pomrad


Summer time and the livin’ just got easier with “Pomslap,” the chillwave track from Belgium-based electronic solo artist, Pomrad a/k/a Adriaan Van De Velde.  “Pomslap” is that floating in a pool while drinking a margarita and passing out kind of track.  I know, for some people, every track is that kinda track, but “Pomslap” is special.  While an R&B rhythm, jazz guitar, and just a touch of autotune makes “Pomslap” the next level of funky, Van De Velde keeps everything laid back by utilizing a slow pace and swelling synths.  Start playing this track immediately before the summer’s gone.  That’s an order.  Enjoy.

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Side note: You are not the only one that looked at this song and thought it was called, “Pornslap” (which would have given the funky vibe a whole new meaning).

Vollmilch (EP) by Vulfpeck


Aaaaaww yeah.  If you don’t know Vulfpeck, you don’t know funky.  Vulfpeck is an instrumental funk band that met in a 19th Century German literary class where they were the only four students.  After discovering a mutual love of rhythm sections, the foursome created their own, with members doing double duty on keyboard and drums.  In 2011, they released their debut EP, Mit Peck, and in 2013, released Vollmilch, an EP with some serious stank on it.  The bass guitar thumps through the entire EP while  piano chords crisply dominate tracks, all led by loose yet precise drumwork.  Perhaps the EP’s best song, “Outro,” which just happens to be Vollmilch‘s intro, guest stars a scorching saxophone that could burn the house down.  Man, these guys are so funky, I seriously just want to be their friend.

Best Tracks:


“It Gets Funkier II”

When & Where:

When you are feeling so damn cool, you just can’t stand it anymore.  I have no idea what that feels like.

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Someone Else by Stormchasers


While there is no shortage of musicians, mostly female, tapping into the sound of 50s and 60s funk, blues, and soul, so few are doing it with a big band feel.  That’s what makes Stormchasers, the seven member group led by Katherine Sheppard, such a breath of fresh air for an oft visited era.  Their recent single, “Someone Else,” has more energy than a 9-year-old on ritalin and just the right amount of swagger from the sharp sting of the trombone and deep blasts of the saxophone.  Enjoy.


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