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Dreamers by Scavenger Hunt


There is nothing wrong with being a sucker for a catchy chorus.  Cali duo Scavenger Hunt have mastered that with their recent single, “Dreamers.”  Laser focused 80s synth pop is infused in every beat that pulsates through “Dreamers,” resulting in an infectious throwback track that makes you long for the days of Z Cavariccis and Hypercolor t-shirts.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this.)  “Dreamers” is only the second single from Scavenger Hunt and, along with their first single, “Lost,” signals the promise of a band that will be surging through the indie pop scene for the foreseeable future.  Enjoy.

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We Prefer it in the Dark by Bat and Ball

BB-Promo-2-650x433Straight from London comes Bat and Ball, a quintet founded by brother/sister duo, Chris and Abi Sinclair.  Firing out sticky electronics, a lethargic bass and verses in a passively aggressive fashion with their debut single, “We Prefer it in the Dark,” Bat and Ball displays a sharpness even though they roll it out so nonchalantly.  Their debut EP came out a few months ago and is equally impressive, sporting some eclectic digital displays and vocals that at times are uninterested by the music playing behind them.  Enjoy.

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Never Gonna Change by Broods


I’ve always touted Australia as the greatest musical exporter but it looks like New Zealand is giving the Aussies a run for their money.  Lorde kicked down the door in 2013 and the new synth pop duo, Broods, has snuck in right behind her.  Broods arrived last year with their debut single, “Bridges.”  They followed that up with the even more impressive, “Never Gonna Change.”  The brother/sister duo are quickly cementing themselves as the pioneers of moody, atmospheric pop music, combining complex productions with dark, sweeping melodies and heartbreaking vocals.  The duo recently signed with Capitol Records and should be releasing their first EP in February.  Hopefully “Never Gonna Change” can hold us over until then.  Enjoy.

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My Friends Never Die by Odesza


Odesza, the brainchild of producers Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) is a bass-blasting electronic outfit that uses pixie-ish vocals and reverberating instrumentals to give their music a spaced out feel.  “My Friends Never Die,” the first single off the EP of the same name, not only has one of the coolest song titles, but an insane groove and a bellowing thump that beats the beats right out of your speakers.  This is mandatory window down, car blasting music.  Your eardrums may never be the same, but its worth the sacrifice.  Enjoy.

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Hold You (feat. Atu) by Sango


Part instrumental, part lyrical, all R&B and soul, Michigan-based solo artist Sango‘s debut album, North, is finely crafted slow jam after slow jam.  It’s no surprise that North is on Soulection, the same record label as fellow instrumental artist, IAMNOBODI.  Where IAMNOBODI at times can lean more towards the hip-hop element, Sango is dedicated solely to that late night, “awww yeah” kind of music.  “Hold You,” featuring indie R&B artist/producer, Atu, has layers of ethereal tones, spattering electronics, piano, echoing vocals, but still feels simplistic, never overproduced and always seductive.  As I said earlier, awww yeah.  Enjoy.

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Odyssey by Dream Koala

296330_361428667271673_721083312_nAccording to those who specialize in dream interpretation, seeing a koala in your dream represents your link to the physical world, the subconscious, and the spiritual realm. Listening to the music of 19-year-old parisian, Yndi Ferreira, it seems only natural that Dream Koala would be his stage name.  Over the past two years, Ferreira has released some of the most hypnotic experimental chillwave/electronic music, each track more effective than any sedative on the market.  His newest single, Odyssey, continues the trend, and has a depth that is greater than his past releases.  According to Ferreira, “It’s a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your goals.”  Man, that’s some heavy stuff.  Enjoy.

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So Into You by Chris Malinchak


I never thought a dance track would make it onto this blog but Chris Malinchak’s “So Into You” is just too good.  The Brooklynite who made his debut in 2010 with the glossy single, “Beiji-Me,” seems to have found the balance between shiny, simple hooks and tight, complex production.  “So Into You” has so much R&B goodness, the alternative purists won’t lose any cred for blasting it in their apartments.   Stop acting like you don’t love this.  I know you do.  Enjoy.

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The Dofflin by Cosmo’s Midnight


It wasn’t all that long ago that we visited Cosmo’s Midnight and their luxurious, chillwave debut single, “Phantasm.”  The Australian duo returns with their second single, “The Dofflin,” which shows the band’s flexibility, relying on southern rap beats and using just about every electronic sound effect imaginable.  Cosmo’s Midnight’s sampling is as on point as their skill with a synthesizer, cutting and infusing parts of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” randomly into the track which smooths out any rough edges created by the sharp electronics.  “The Dofflin” is proof that every single artist needs to sample Aaliyah at some point in their career.    Enjoy.

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Black Out Days by Phantogram


Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Phantogram returns from two years of hibernation with “Black Out Days,” their first track since the 2011 EP, Night Moves.  “Black Out Days” is the darker side of Phantogram, flexing grinding basslines, stuttering electronics, and Sarah Barthel’s commanding, smoky voice.  The forceful chants and strong thumping percussions make “Black Out Days” Phantogram‘s first official stadium anthem.  With “Black Out Days,” they may be hinting at an aggressive, gritty album, a marked departure from the synth pop duo’s polished first release, the incredible Eyelid Movies.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another two years for the next hint.  Enjoy.

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Ghost Loft


When LA-based Ghost Loft, aka Danny Choi, isn’t making remixes of songs by groups like Two Door Cinema Club and Little Daylight, he’s crafting his own bleakly toned electronic music.  Infused with R&B, the desolate aura surrounding Ghost Loft’s two most impressive tracks, “So High” and “Seconds,” is more seductive than scary.  Each Ghost Loft track is dominated by soft, aerated components that give the illusion that they could evaporate at any second.  Enjoy.

“So High”


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