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Sure Thing (Miguel Cover) by Trails and Ways


I haven’t posted nearly enough Trails and Ways through the run of EWH.  Every track released by this foursome has an intangible charm and warmth.  Whether they are spouting lyrics in English or Spanish, it’s easy to feel connected to what they produce.  They are pretty balanced in the amount of original work and covers that are released into the digital world.  Although their cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing” is one of their older releases, it’s still catchy and a great interpretation of this 2011 R&B track.  Enjoy.

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Getting It On by Sales


There is something so honest, so engaging about “Getting It On” by Sales.  The Florida duo released their first EP back in September, full of acoustic, simply constructed melodies.  In a world where synth is king, it’s refreshing to hear a group so bare in its instrumentals and so intent on exposing emotions in the simplest manner.  “Getting It On” is disarming in its intimacy and gets better with every listen.  So keep listening.  Enjoy.

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Sales by Roger Sellers


Roger Sellers creates simple, calming music to get completely lost in.  His single, “Lates,” off his recent album, Primitives, is no exception.  There’s a magical way that this Texas native’s music absorbs you and unravels all that entangles you.  His songs are uncluttered and precise, yet effortless and unbounded.  “Lates” is the perfect track for when you need to turn things down and fade away for a bit.  Enjoy.

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17 New Years by Polyenso


It’s no secret that Polyenso draws its inspiration from the likes of Radiohead and Coldplay.  “17 New Years,” the first single off what will hopefully be their sophomore album under the name Polyenso (they previously released music as Oceana), looks to be taking inspiration from an unlikely source and combining it with their love for their alternative rock and pop roots.  “17 New Years” has unmistakable R&B and neo-soul flavor, which works surprisingly well as an extension of what they created with their first album, One Big Particular Loop.  Polyenso makes the marriage of alternative, experimental rock with soul seamless.  “17 New Years” has me excited for what’s to come.  I hope it does the same for you.  Enjoy.

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Airwaves by Be Forest


How could I not post about Be Forest after seeing them last night live for the first time?  This psychedelic dream pop group rarely makes a stateside appearance so it great to see them and even better to witness how well their music translates live.  Be Forest is a cross between tribal music and the XX, with a mix of pounding, rhythmic drums and near ambient melodies.  “Airwaves,” from their debut album, Earthbeat, is a perfect example of the hypnotic tones Be Forest conjures up, and is even more consuming when seen live.  Enjoy.

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You Can’t Change It by Battleships


Battleships basically likes to torture us.  They come out with an incredible song and then make us wait months and months for the next track.  It’s a punishment I’m willing to endure when every song they come out with is so powerful and intimate.  Their most recent track, “You Can’t Change It,” basically keeps the streak alive with us sitting patiently and then being rewarded with a track that mixes beauty and frustration and connects with you on every level.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a debut album.  Enjoy.

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History by Holy Holy


Sometimes our best work happens somewhat by accident.  The same can be said for Holy Holy.  While taking a break in recording their debut EP, the Aussie duo wrote and quickly taped “History,” a single that shines brighter than anything the band had originally planned on releasing.  Full of folk and rock nostalgia, “History” has rich textures and feels like its taking you on a journey from the opening chord to the last staticky note.  Enjoy.

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Paradise Waiting by Vacationer


Vacationer’s debut album, Gone, released two years ago, was relaxation set to music.  This time around, Kenny Vasoli, the man behind the music, is taking a more soulful, energetic route.  His second album, Relief, is more lively, taking influence from blues to afro-beat, making for a more eclectic, adventurous journey.  “Paradise Waiting,” one of the first singles from Relief, has a tangible groove due to the pronounced pianos and Vasoli’s swagger-filled voice.  Enjoy.

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Places by Electric Sons


With spiraling choruses and synthesizers swelling in the background, “Places,” off of Electric Sons’ sophomore EP, Chromaesthesia, is a soaring track that takes the Atlanta, Georgia quartet to new heights.  Every component of this track defines what indie pop is supposed to be.  It’s exciting, catchy, emotional, and an amalgam of instruments, both computerized and materialized.  Electric Sons’ self-titled EP was a promising start but Chromaesthesia is the first sign of the potential being harnessed by the foursome.  Let’s see what places they take us next.  Enjoy.

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Bad Habit by The Kooks


The Kooks ain’t no underground sensation.  The UK-based post-punk outfit is way overground, hovering over the rock landscape spitting out slick riffs, catchy hooks and just enough attitude to make you wonder whether or not their music is there to offend you or convert you into a believer.  One decade and three albums in, The Kooks have let slip “Bad Habit,” the new single off their latest effort, Listen.  “Bad Habit” is anything but.  Everything about this track is what we would hope The Kooks would release and has me jonesing for more.  Good thing we don’t have to wait too long.  Listen is due out in September.  Enjoy.

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