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Paradise Waiting by Vacationer


Vacationer’s debut album, Gone, released two years ago, was relaxation set to music.  This time around, Kenny Vasoli, the man behind the music, is taking a more soulful, energetic route.  His second album, Relief, is more lively, taking influence from blues to afro-beat, making for a more eclectic, adventurous journey.  “Paradise Waiting,” one of the first singles from Relief, has a tangible groove due to the pronounced pianos and Vasoli’s swagger-filled voice.  Enjoy.

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Places by Electric Sons


With spiraling choruses and synthesizers swelling in the background, “Places,” off of Electric Sons’ sophomore EP, Chromaesthesia, is a soaring track that takes the Atlanta, Georgia quartet to new heights.  Every component of this track defines what indie pop is supposed to be.  It’s exciting, catchy, emotional, and an amalgam of instruments, both computerized and materialized.  Electric Sons’ self-titled EP was a promising start but Chromaesthesia is the first sign of the potential being harnessed by the foursome.  Let’s see what places they take us next.  Enjoy.

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Bad Habit by The Kooks


The Kooks ain’t no underground sensation.  The UK-based post-punk outfit is way overground, hovering over the rock landscape spitting out slick riffs, catchy hooks and just enough attitude to make you wonder whether or not their music is there to offend you or convert you into a believer.  One decade and three albums in, The Kooks have let slip “Bad Habit,” the new single off their latest effort, Listen.  “Bad Habit” is anything but.  Everything about this track is what we would hope The Kooks would release and has me jonesing for more.  Good thing we don’t have to wait too long.  Listen is due out in September.  Enjoy.

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Paris by Magic Man


Magic Man are building up a lot of momentum in anticipation for their 2014 debut album, Before the Waves, due out on July 8, 2014.  The indie pop group has spent 2013 wetting our appetites with a few tracks off their first EP, You Are Here.  With the brand new record only weeks away, let’s focus on “Paris,” the track that started it all.  The debut single is an indie pop burst of energy with the dramatic verses leading to catchy, volcanic hooks that explode at every chorus.  Now that Magic Man have taken us to “Paris,” I can’t wait to see where they take us next.  Enjoy.

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Little Games by The Colourist


Sometimes we just want our music to be fun.  The Colourist delivers that in spades with their single, “Little Games.”  The Cali based quartet just released their debut album this past March and every inch of it is bursting with indie pop, summertime goodness.  “Little Games” is packed with the youthful harmonies of Adam Castilla (vocals, guitar) and Maya Tuttle (drums, vocals), the sunbursts of guitar chords and a stuck-in-your-head chorus.  “Little Games” is simply a good time so put that moody music aside for a minute and enjoy.

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Leah by Animal Years


Quality indie rock is hard to find these days.  With electronic based pop music dominating the scene, indie rock has a harder climb to get to a height where it can be seen.  Animal Years seems to have made that climb with the driven, emotionally charged “Leah.”  From the Brooklyn-based quartet’s recently released debut album, Sun Will Rise, “Leah” is introspective and reserved one second, then erupts like a volcano the next.  Lead singer, Mike McFadden, dominates every inch of the track and provides enough fuel to send this track into the stratosphere.  Bordering on folk rock/Americana, “Leah” still has that good ol’ hometown feel making Animal Years that familiar friend you want to welcome into your playlist.  Enjoy.

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Hotel by The Antlers

The-Antlers-Hotel-608x404The Antlers have announced Familiars, the follow-up album to their spectacular 2011 release, Burst Apart.  With that album release has come several new singles, including the most recent, “Hotel.”  Very similar to what we’ve heard on Burst Apart, Hotel is subtle magnificence, painfully slow at times but having us crave more.  Never overdoing the production, The Antlers rely on the weight of their words and the emotions behind them.  The end of the track is injected with a (unique for The Antlers) guitar groove that gives us a sweet little reward for our patience.  Enjoy.

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