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No Diggity by Chet Faker


I very rarely post covers but Chet Faker’s “No Diggity” is just too cool to ignore.  Chet’s scratchy voice achingly lays out the verses with a relaxed smoothness adds another dimension to a track that has probably been played to death by anyone over the age of 30.  The music is more stripped down than the 1996 classic, with just a synthesizer and some beats, which adds to the laid-back vibe of 2014 version.  Chet keeps the essence of the track intact while adding enough of his own personal stamp to make it fresh and original.

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The Beast by Ikebe Shakedown


Uh!!!  That’s the guttural ‘Uh!” when a song is so good, so funky, that your brain goes right back into cro-magnon mode and it’s the only sound that you can make to express complete satisfaction.  I usually say it three times per track when listening to the jazz/afro-beat outfit, Ikebe Shakedown. The NY-based crew recently released their second full length album, Stone by Stone, and it’s near impossible to find a track that isn’t bursting with soul and slick beats.  Seven members strong, Ikebe Shakedown is instrumental music at its funk perfection.  Just check out “The Beast,” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Enjoy.  It’s almost impossible not to.

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Distance by Emily King


Emily King isn’t new to the music world nor is she some hidden talent.  She released her grammy nominated debut album in 2007, three years after signing with J Records.  In 2008, King went the indie route, leaving her label behind and releasing an EP and a handful of tracks.  While King’s indie releases have peaked some interest, it’s her recent single, “Distance,” that’s got every blogger (myself included) in a nerd-filled panic to post an entry about her.  There’s good reason.  “Distance” is one of the most soulful tracks to hit our ears in a long time.  The groove is reminiscent of 60s and 70s soul yet also has a smooth, modern R&B flow, preventing the track from ever feeling dated.  So kick back, relax, rock that silk robe that’s been collecting dust in the closet and enjoy.

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Better Off by Quadron


It took Quadron three years to return after its self-titled debut album and it was worth the wait.  Want proof?  Just check out the duo’s jazzy, soft rock track, “Better Off,” from their sophomore album, Avalanche.  The R&B groove and faint funk guitar keeps the song pulsating smoothly.  “Better Off” melts into a subdued verse by the skilled rapper, Kendrick Lamar, who doesn’t attempt to steal the spotlight but be a natural extension of the song.  Everyone has that list of songs that define a summer and this year, “Better Off” should make each list.  You’d be better off not to miss this track.  See what I did there?  Enjoy.

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Gold Can Stay (EP) by Broke For Free


Words?  Where we’re going, we don’t need words.  All we need is Broke for Free a/k/a Tom Cascino.  This solo electronic musician has been releasing albums and EPs about every 3 1/2 minutes since April of 2010, all leading up to Gold Can Stay, his breakthrough EP from this past December.  Gold Can Stay finds Cascino relying more on real life guitars than any of his prior releases, creating a more tangible dimension to his music and contrasting perfectly with the chillwave synths he lays down in the background.   If Gold Can Stay is a sign of things to come, Cascino will have to change his stage name pretty soon.  Enjoy.

Best Tracks:

The Gold Lining


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Side note: Cascino’s work recently appeared in a GQ special video segment featuring the Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, which I was watching totally for research on this entry.  I swear.

Digits heats up with new single, So Cold

Digits (a.k.a. Alt Altman), the Toronto synth pop artist, is no stranger to crafting moody, dark electronic music.  He first emerged with his 2009 debut album, Hold It Close and returns with a new track, So Cold off his April 12, 2012 mixtape, Death and Desire.  With whispered vocals, smooth synthesizers, and a funky electric guitar riff,  So Cold is seductive R&B/jazz track that’s guaranteed to make you feel cool (no pun intended…maybe).

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