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Hotel by The Antlers

The-Antlers-Hotel-608x404The Antlers have announced Familiars, the follow-up album to their spectacular 2011 release, Burst Apart.  With that album release has come several new singles, including the most recent, “Hotel.”  Very similar to what we’ve heard on Burst Apart, Hotel is subtle magnificence, painfully slow at times but having us crave more.  Never overdoing the production, The Antlers rely on the weight of their words and the emotions behind them.  The end of the track is injected with a (unique for The Antlers) guitar groove that gives us a sweet little reward for our patience.  Enjoy.

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Undiscover by Twin Caverns


With computers making millions of electronic sounds at our disposal, it’s hard to blame the majority of pop acts for using as many as possible just because they can.  That’s what makes dream pop duo, Twin Caverns, so unique.  The Aussie twosome relies on a lack of sound effects, focusing on the purity of their production and the soft, bare tones of vocalist, Louise Millar.  “Undiscover,” Twin Caverns’ most recent single, is emblematic of Twin Caverns’ musical philosophy – undiscovering all the unnecessary excess that’s implanted in our music.  With Twin Caverns’ minimalist approach, we get a calming, intoxicating track that is perfectly simple…and simply perfect.  Enjoy.

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Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic


You couldn’t really expect a band named Vancouver Sleep Clinic to create anything other than calm, trance-inducing melodies, could you?  It’s not like we were expecting  Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s first single, “Vapour” to be an entry on the Headbanger’s Ball (does that still exist?).  The bedroom project of high school student, Tim Bettinson, VSC  looks to be a promising solo effort that exudes a depth and maturity beyond Bettinson’s teenage years.  “Vapour” is a song for those who are jonesing to fade away for just a few minutes or maybe find a cure for their insomnia.  A song that induces a little bit of shut-eye may seem like an insult, but listen to “Vapour” and Bettinson’s…well, vaporous voice, and you’ll realize it’s a compliment.  Enjoy.

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Phantasm by Cosmo’s Midnight (feat. Nicole Millar)


“Phantasm” is an otherworldly, atmospheric electronic track, but what else would you expect from a group called Cosmo’s Midnight?  Composed of twins, Cosmo and Patrick, Cosmo’s Midnight has taken spacious, ethereal electronic music to a new level.  With the help of chillwave vocalist, Nicole Millar, “Phantasm” borders on hypnotic, making everything around you move in slow motion.  The duo’s debut EP, Surge, released in June, proves that “Phantasm” just scratched the surface of what Cosmo’s Midnight has in store.  Enjoy.

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Black Mambo by Glass Animals


If you are looking for music to make you lock the doors and hide under the covers with a flashlight,  look no further than Glass Animals.  The Oxford quartet’s take on psychedelic rock is more spiraling abyss than technicolor dreamcoat.  Their recent single, “Black Mambo,” is an ominously paced neo-soul journey with trickling electronics and the smoky, drawn out delivery of frontman and former neuroscience student, David Bayley.  Clearly, Bayley’s background is being put to good use on “Black Mambo,” which has the ability to creep into your head and mess with yo’ mind.  Enjoy.

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P.S.  If you have the urge to see Gumbi on acid, I suggest checking out their website.

Foreign Bodies by Radiation City


Whenever a conversation about the most underrated bands is introduced, I typically go into a tirade about Radiation City, the Portland-based alt rockers who consistently release some of the strangest and addicting music you are likely to hear.  Radiation City seems like the perfect name for a band whose tracks sound like mutated indie rock – ominous harmonies, quirky, throwback melodies, and odd instruments, like the soundtrack for a haunted house in the 60s.  “Foreign Bodies,” off their recent LP, Animals in the Median, shows the band has no intention of normalizing anytime soon.  With heavy reverbed vocals, a fairyland flute opening, and the doo-wop inspired verses, “Foreign Bodies” is catchy, complex, and a perfect addition to Radiation City‘s eclectic, masterful collection.  Enjoy.

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Scopes by Phoria


London’s Phoria are not new to the scene.  They released their first EP, Yourself Still, in 2010, have shared a stage with the likes of Little Dragon, and three of the five members started playing together at the age of 6.  You heard right…6.  Over this long period of time, the members of Phoria have become masters of the art of understatement.  On May 2, they released their second EP, Bloodworks, containing five mood-setting tracks that surprisingly conjure up deep emotions while remaining mostly simple in construction and delivery.  “Scopes,” the second track off of the EP, is perhaps the most complex, with breathy falsettos and a dark electronic buzzing blending into the background that is contrasted by bursts of lush synths and guitars.  Enjoy.

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Side note: If you’ve been jonesing for music similar to The Antlers, then you are pretty much obligated to enjoy “Scopes.”