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Got It by Marian Hill


I was immediately sold on Marian Hill’s R&B track, “Got It,” the second I heard the trembling saxophone.  With the right amount of horns, thumping bass, and Samantha Gongol’s slow, steady verses, “Got It” is jazzy, seedy and all kinds of sexy.  The Philly-based duo describes themselves as electronic pop but they are all sultry rhythm and blues, as is evidenced by “Got It.”  They do blend in their computerized skills, synthesizing sounds and creating razor sharp stop-and-go moments, but it works amazingly well with the organic sax blazing through the track.  This is that late night, smoky jazz club music.  Enjoy.

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Blush by Mr Twin Sister


The reinvention of Mr Twin Sister (adding the Mr this year) has resulted in a restrained, more sultry R&B self-titled sophomore album.  One standout from the second record is “Blush,” a simple, 70s throwback R&B/soul track that doesn’t crescendo, switch tempo or force in any catchy hooks.  It’s just a patient, beautifully crafted track that proves the band’s new identity fits like a glove.  Enjoy.

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LFT by Quadron


About a year ago I posted “Better Off,” a song by R&B duo, Quadron.  This was the first song I heard off of Quadron’s sophomore album, Avalanche.  Had I listened to the album fully at that time, I would have realized that Avalanche is filled with slick R&B tracks that easily eclipse “Better Off.”  One of the most notable tracks is “LFT” (Looking for Trouble), which oozes cool and has a subtle funky groove to it.  Hard to resist that.  Enjoy.

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Private Jet by Penthouse Penthouse


Changing it up a bit and slowing it down a lot for this week’s entry.  “Private Jet,” the instrumental R&B track from the enigmatic LA-based duo, Penthouse Penthouse, is one of those songs that make you want to lay out on a warm night and let everything fade away.  With a subtle hand, the use of echoes and well placed electronic effects, “Private Jet” may be one of the most laid back, romantic tracks you hear all year.  Enjoy.

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No Diggity by Chet Faker


I very rarely post covers but Chet Faker’s “No Diggity” is just too cool to ignore.  Chet’s scratchy voice achingly lays out the verses with a relaxed smoothness adds another dimension to a track that has probably been played to death by anyone over the age of 30.  The music is more stripped down than the 1996 classic, with just a synthesizer and some beats, which adds to the laid-back vibe of 2014 version.  Chet keeps the essence of the track intact while adding enough of his own personal stamp to make it fresh and original.

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Throwback Thursday: My Boo by Ghost Town DJs


It’s been about 2 1/2 years since I last posted a throwback track.  In all honesty, the throwback track is really just an excuse to post a song that’s been stuck in my head for the past few days for no good reason whatsoever.  That song is “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs.  No shame in admitting that I’ve been singing this R&B bass thumping track consistently since the beginning of the week.  I’m not entirely sure how the song snuck into my head, but this mid-90’s track (which came out the same year as a nearly identical track by a band with a near identical name – “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” by Quad City DJs) is basically a portal back to a time when R&B was consistently simple and amazing.  Listen to “My Boo” at least ten to fifteen times.  It’s the only way to get it out of your system.  Enjoy.

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So Good by Nao v. A.K. Paul


Jai Paul, the UK R&B/pop artist, gained crazy buzz after releasing the single, “Jasmine,” last year.  However, it looks like the man that had a hand in crafting Jai Paul’s unique sound was his brother, A.K. Paul.  A.K. has decided its his turn to take center stage with the release of his smoky 80s synth track, “So Good.” With the help of fellow Brit, Nao, and her pixy-like vocals, “So Good” is exactly that.  Enjoy.