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Lights and Camera by Yuna


While I can’t really relate to the message of “Lights and Camera” by Kuala Lumpur’s Yuna (because I have so rarely been a model who has been treated poorly), I can relate to the way this track is put together.  “Lights and Camera” has a dreamlike melody with swelling synths and Yuna’s soft tones laying over it with perfectly timed delays and synchronization.  Yuna is pretty much a megastar at this point but for those who are new to this Malaysian songstress, it’s time to join the club.  Enjoy.

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Ukiyo by Hermitude


Closing out the week with a funky little jam called “Ukiyo” by electronic, (mostly) instrumental duo, Hermitude.  Not newcomers to the world of indie or sleek computerized tracks, Hermitude has been unleashing LPs since 2002.  Over the past few years, more eyes and ears have taken notice for good reason.  Songs like “Ukiyo” show that Hermitude can turn just about anything into an R&B groove.  Enjoy.

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Say My Name by Destiny’s Child (Cosmo’s Midnight Bootleg)


I’m typically not a fan of remixes but when a few of my favorite electronic producers put a spin on a Destiny’s Child song, it’s almost impossible to resist.  Cosmo’s Midnight, the duo that expertly chopped up Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” into the synthesizer blasting “The Dofflin” has set their sights on Beyonce and the gang with their fizzy version of “Say My Name.”  The track starts off like some 80s aerobics theme with vocals shooting out at breakneck speed.  Where the song really pulls you in, though, is when it grinds to a slow jam at the chorus, putting a lush spin on a track that we never even knew needed it.  If this is the start of some R&B remix trend for Cosmo’s Midnight, then it looks like I’ll be posting a lot more remixes than I ever planned.  Enjoy.

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No Other Way by Sinead Harnett


When London-based Snakehips produces a track, it’s a pretty safe bet that track is going to have a slick, addictive R&B groove.  So it comes as no surprise fellow UKer Sinead Harnett kills it on her latest single, “No Other Way,” with the assistance of the soulful producers and fellow producer, Utters.  “No Other Way” is laid over a gentle production of soft synths and a heartbeat-toned rhythm that keeps the track smooth and alluring.  Harnett doesn’t have many tracks to her name, but “No Other Way” makes us think she’s off to a promising start.  Enjoy.

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Holiest (feat. Tei Shi) by Glass Animals


What a shock.  Another post about Glass Animals.  But when they come out with amazing tracks so consistently, can you blame me?  The group’s combination of psychedelia and R&B is unlike anything out there and always mesmerizing.  Their recent single, “Holiest,” featuring the alluring vocals of Tei Shi, is anything but holy.  It’s slow, seductive and meant to be heard with the lights off.  Glass Animals recently released their new EP, Gooey, and my anticipation grows for their debut album, whenever that may be.  Enjoy.

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Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover) by ASTR


It’s rare when a cover is so unique that it creates its own identity.  Leave it to ASTR to be one of those rarities with its cover of the Drake track, “Hold On We’re Going Home.”  This may be the most top 40-ish track to creep its way onto EWH (and it does sting a little), but if any band could do it, it would be the sultry, synth pop duo, ASTR.  Focusing on sharpening the beat and flooding the track with waves of lush synths and lead singer Zoe’s foggy, understated intonation, ASTR turns “Hold On We’re Going Home” from standard pop fare into R&B perfection.  Enjoy.

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Touch by Shura


London brings us a little bit of smooth R&B newness with “Touch,” by songstress, Shura.  Soft with luscious synths and a soulful flow, “Touch” is giving us flashbacks of the slow jams from the 70s and 80s.  After a stint at producing and being a member of trip-hop duo, Hiatus and Shura, the UK artist has finally decided to step out onto her own.  With her sultry, gentle voice, plush electronics and heart aching lyrics, it’s amazing she waited this long.  Enjoy.

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Distance by Emily King


Emily King isn’t new to the music world nor is she some hidden talent.  She released her grammy nominated debut album in 2007, three years after signing with J Records.  In 2008, King went the indie route, leaving her label behind and releasing an EP and a handful of tracks.  While King’s indie releases have peaked some interest, it’s her recent single, “Distance,” that’s got every blogger (myself included) in a nerd-filled panic to post an entry about her.  There’s good reason.  “Distance” is one of the most soulful tracks to hit our ears in a long time.  The groove is reminiscent of 60s and 70s soul yet also has a smooth, modern R&B flow, preventing the track from ever feeling dated.  So kick back, relax, rock that silk robe that’s been collecting dust in the closet and enjoy.

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Gooey by Glass Animals


“Fresh out of an icky gooey womb.”  Only the psychedelic Glass Animals could get away with those lyrics and lay them over a neo-soul groove.  The first single off the soon to be released EP of the same name, “Gooey” is just that, a sticky, thick track that clings to your membrane long after the song fades to black.  Lyrically unlike anything else out there in the indiesphere, “Gooey” is audible dopamine, controlling our emotions and sparking our need for new sensations.  Although it’s only February, I already know “Gooey” is going to be one of my top tracks of the year.  With frontman, David Bayley, singing about “peanut butter vibes,” how could it not be?  Enjoy.

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Drift by Alina Baraz


Not too long ago, I posted “Paradise,” a track by hip-hop and soul producer, ESTA.  Featured on that track were the vocals of R&B singer, Alina Baraz.  Some quick research into Baraz resulted in the discovery of an insanely sultry singer whose songs drip with a smoothness like honey.  Just listen to “Drift,” which slinks forward with frighteningly slow patience.  Even when addressing love, Baraz adds darker tones, which infuse a subtle pain in every emotion she explores.  (You’re like a wave washing over me/pulling me underneath/sinking slowly).   Not sure it’s the best idea to tell the person you love that they make you feel like you are drowning.  Your call.  Enjoy.

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