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History by Holy Holy


Sometimes our best work happens somewhat by accident.  The same can be said for Holy Holy.  While taking a break in recording their debut EP, the Aussie duo wrote and quickly taped “History,” a single that shines brighter than anything the band had originally planned on releasing.  Full of folk and rock nostalgia, “History” has rich textures and feels like its taking you on a journey from the opening chord to the last staticky note.  Enjoy.

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Sweet Emotion by The Kooks


I’ve never been a huge Kooks fan so I can’t really talk about how their sound has evolved over the past 10 years.  All I can say is that “Sweet Emotion” is the second song I’ve heard off the British rock group’s fourth LP, Listen, released this year, and I can’t get enough.  “Sweet Emotion” showcases an amazing understanding of simple, groovy riffs and catchy hooks that don’t seem painfully commercial or cheesy.  The group embraces but doesn’t overdo their blues influences, keeping mindful of their pop/rock roots.  Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon ten years after it started rollin’.  Enjoy.

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Thousand Eyes by Lia Ices


“Thousand Eyes,” the first single off “Ices,” the third album from indie pop songstress, Lia Ices, diverges from her previous efforts, which typically tended to be more solemn and weighty.  The new track definitely leans more towards the pop realm, with a bit of reliance on electronic enhancements that, coupled with acoustic guitars, infuses more energy and creates multiple dimensions.  Upon a careful listen, you can sense pop, folk, and 60s rock all wrapped into a tight, neat package.  I’m hoping the rest of the album can continue this trend and expand Ices’ palate to more upbeat flavors.  Enjoy.

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Sleep Forever by Black Honey


The dark and haunting sounds of Black Honey are perfectly matched to the level of mystery surrounding the band itself.  Other than being based out of the UK (I think), very little is known of Black Honey other than “Sleep Forever” being their first single.  While this track is labeled a demo, the sound is refined and any roughness in production is undoubtedly on purpose.  The track is as gritty as a blues rock/psychedelic track should be.  The sparse instrumentation and the unknown songstress aching away over twangy guitars just further enhances the aura of a band cutting records in a dingy, shadowy basement.  With a sound this good, let’s hope they don’t find their way out anytime soon.  Enjoy.

Bad Habit by The Kooks


The Kooks ain’t no underground sensation.  The UK-based post-punk outfit is way overground, hovering over the rock landscape spitting out slick riffs, catchy hooks and just enough attitude to make you wonder whether or not their music is there to offend you or convert you into a believer.  One decade and three albums in, The Kooks have let slip “Bad Habit,” the new single off their latest effort, Listen.  “Bad Habit” is anything but.  Everything about this track is what we would hope The Kooks would release and has me jonesing for more.  Good thing we don’t have to wait too long.  Listen is due out in September.  Enjoy.

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Little Games by The Colourist


Sometimes we just want our music to be fun.  The Colourist delivers that in spades with their single, “Little Games.”  The Cali based quartet just released their debut album this past March and every inch of it is bursting with indie pop, summertime goodness.  “Little Games” is packed with the youthful harmonies of Adam Castilla (vocals, guitar) and Maya Tuttle (drums, vocals), the sunbursts of guitar chords and a stuck-in-your-head chorus.  “Little Games” is simply a good time so put that moody music aside for a minute and enjoy.

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Cedar Lane by First Aid Kit


Anything First Aid Kit does is just about the most beautiful thing on the planet. With each album, the music crafted by these sisters matures by decades and their harmonies get sweeter and more layered, if that’s even possible.  With their latest single, “Cedar Lane,” off their upcoming third LP, Stay Gold, the influences of (and ability to be considered in the same vein as) Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash is striking and incredibly fitting.  The duo’s handling of contemporary folk, country and rock is nurtured with the same care and sincerity as these pioneers of music did in the 60s.  Stay Gold is due out on June 10th and will be nothing short of spectacular.  Not like my expectations are high or anything.  Enjoy.

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