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Got It by Marian Hill


I was immediately sold on Marian Hill’s R&B track, “Got It,” the second I heard the trembling saxophone.  With the right amount of horns, thumping bass, and Samantha Gongol’s slow, steady verses, “Got It” is jazzy, seedy and all kinds of sexy.  The Philly-based duo describes themselves as electronic pop but they are all sultry rhythm and blues, as is evidenced by “Got It.”  They do blend in their computerized skills, synthesizing sounds and creating razor sharp stop-and-go moments, but it works amazingly well with the organic sax blazing through the track.  This is that late night, smoky jazz club music.  Enjoy.

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Blush by Mr Twin Sister


The reinvention of Mr Twin Sister (adding the Mr this year) has resulted in a restrained, more sultry R&B self-titled sophomore album.  One standout from the second record is “Blush,” a simple, 70s throwback R&B/soul track that doesn’t crescendo, switch tempo or force in any catchy hooks.  It’s just a patient, beautifully crafted track that proves the band’s new identity fits like a glove.  Enjoy.

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Days Without You (feat. Sinead Harnett) by Snakehips


“Days Without You” is the second team-up for singer Sinead Harnett and R&B producers Snakehips.  The London producers really can do no wrong, capturing the aura of 90s R&B while interlacing it with modern synths and effects.  For producers that rely heavily on electronics to craft their melodies, there is no loss of emotion or intimacy with any of their tracks.  Whether it’s with their earlier releases, “On & On” and “No Other Way,” or their newbie, “Days Without You,” Snakehips can put together a track that makes your heart swell.  And having Harnett balancing out those computers with her young, energetic intonation sure can’t hurt.  Enjoy.

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Lights and Camera by Yuna


While I can’t really relate to the message of “Lights and Camera” by Kuala Lumpur’s Yuna (because I have so rarely been a model who has been treated poorly), I can relate to the way this track is put together.  “Lights and Camera” has a dreamlike melody with swelling synths and Yuna’s soft tones laying over it with perfectly timed delays and synchronization.  Yuna is pretty much a megastar at this point but for those who are new to this Malaysian songstress, it’s time to join the club.  Enjoy.

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No Other Way by Sinead Harnett


When London-based Snakehips produces a track, it’s a pretty safe bet that track is going to have a slick, addictive R&B groove.  So it comes as no surprise fellow UKer Sinead Harnett kills it on her latest single, “No Other Way,” with the assistance of the soulful producers and fellow producer, Utters.  “No Other Way” is laid over a gentle production of soft synths and a heartbeat-toned rhythm that keeps the track smooth and alluring.  Harnett doesn’t have many tracks to her name, but “No Other Way” makes us think she’s off to a promising start.  Enjoy.

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The Beast by Ikebe Shakedown


Uh!!!  That’s the guttural ‘Uh!” when a song is so good, so funky, that your brain goes right back into cro-magnon mode and it’s the only sound that you can make to express complete satisfaction.  I usually say it three times per track when listening to the jazz/afro-beat outfit, Ikebe Shakedown. The NY-based crew recently released their second full length album, Stone by Stone, and it’s near impossible to find a track that isn’t bursting with soul and slick beats.  Seven members strong, Ikebe Shakedown is instrumental music at its funk perfection.  Just check out “The Beast,” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Enjoy.  It’s almost impossible not to.

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Touch by Shura


London brings us a little bit of smooth R&B newness with “Touch,” by songstress, Shura.  Soft with luscious synths and a soulful flow, “Touch” is giving us flashbacks of the slow jams from the 70s and 80s.  After a stint at producing and being a member of trip-hop duo, Hiatus and Shura, the UK artist has finally decided to step out onto her own.  With her sultry, gentle voice, plush electronics and heart aching lyrics, it’s amazing she waited this long.  Enjoy.

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