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Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover) by ASTR


It’s rare when a cover is so unique that it creates its own identity.  Leave it to ASTR to be one of those rarities with its cover of the Drake track, “Hold On We’re Going Home.”  This may be the most top 40-ish track to creep its way onto EWH (and it does sting a little), but if any band could do it, it would be the sultry, synth pop duo, ASTR.  Focusing on sharpening the beat and flooding the track with waves of lush synths and lead singer Zoe’s foggy, understated intonation, ASTR turns “Hold On We’re Going Home” from standard pop fare into R&B perfection.  Enjoy.

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High (feat. Nicole Millar) by Peking Duk


We’ve seen a lot of groups come onto the scene by remixing popular songs, opening the door for them to release original material.  Peking Duk started the same way, releasing a Passion Pit remix, but has blown the hinges off the door with their new single, “High.” The track opens with the sweet voice of Nicole Millar, who is slowly becoming a dominant indie guest vocal presence. After a few seconds, “High” really takes off when the bass drops like a piano from a 40 story building.  There are so many layers to this song: the rapid fire beat, the high pitched electronic sirens, the blasting synths.  Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, the Aussie duo who make up Peking Duk, make all these components work perfectly, resulting in an undeniable party anthem.  Enjoy.

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Call My Name by Haerts


On the verge of synth pop majesty, Haerts have given us “Call My Name,” a new track which could possibly be the first single off their eagerly anticipated debut album (which doesn’t have a release date yet).  As with everything else released by the New York City quartet, “Call My Name” is a dreamy masterpiece that radiates warmth even as it takes the band down a more brokenhearted, bittersweet road.  Always perfectly guided by the lush voice of songstress/goddess, Nini Fabi, and a mixture of just the right amount of 70s melodic nostalgia, Haerts has yet to let us down.  I fully expect their first LP to be no exception.  Enjoy.

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Ghost by Mystery Skulls


It’s hard to tell if dance floors were invented just for Mystery Skulls or vice versa.  Luis Dubuc, the man behind Mystery Skulls, consistently produces tracks that make sitting down a sin.  His newest single, “Ghost,” doesn’t break the trend, surging with a breakneck beat and towering electronics.  As always, Dubuc can’t help but infuse the sounds of an ’80s synthesizer, melding old school pop with the current DIY indie scene.  With a bunch of singles and about a thousand remixes to his name, Dubuc has finally started working on his debut album, which presently has no release date.  If “Ghost” is any indication, we should be getting a sharp, experimental, bass heavy pop album…sometime within the next few decades.  Enjoy.

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Dreamers by Scavenger Hunt


There is nothing wrong with being a sucker for a catchy chorus.  Cali duo Scavenger Hunt have mastered that with their recent single, “Dreamers.”  Laser focused 80s synth pop is infused in every beat that pulsates through “Dreamers,” resulting in an infectious throwback track that makes you long for the days of Z Cavariccis and Hypercolor t-shirts.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this.)  “Dreamers” is only the second single from Scavenger Hunt and, along with their first single, “Lost,” signals the promise of a band that will be surging through the indie pop scene for the foreseeable future.  Enjoy.

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Siren Call by Little Daylight


Little Daylight proved that they were a synth pop force to be reckoned with when we heard the single, “Overdose,” last year.  They keep that streak alive with “Siren Call,” the first single off the summer release of the trio’s upcoming debut album, Hello Memory.  They still keep things a bit darker and more ominous than your average pop act, but the spattering of electronic blips and the energy that surges at the chorus makes “Siren Call” more than just a somber affair.  As is the standard with Little Daylight, the track is stacked with addictive hooks that keep us jonesing for more.  Looks like we’ll have our fix this summer.  Enjoy.

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Someone by We Have Band


A new album brings a new sound for London’s We Have Band.  On the other side of the pond, the electronic trio is a pop music force and while they may not be as well known in the states, their new single, “Someone,” may change all that.  Shedding their skin of the dark, ominous synth production that typically dominates their work, “Someone” introduces an upbeat melody, smooth falsettos and a tropical sound that makes the new track ripe for the dance floor.  We Have Band’s new album is due out on April 28th and if “Someone” is any indication, We Have…a reason to celebrate.  Enjoy.

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Mercury Child by Blood Cultures


How could someone this good still be this unknown?  No information on the artist known as Blood Cultures has surfaced since he materialized with his glistening debut single, “Indian Summer,” back in October of last year.  While he may be depriving us of his identity, he has finally released a follow-up to his breakout hit with the livelier, summer vibing “Mercury Rising.”  The new track follows in its predecessor’s footsteps with sparkling synths and catchy hook after catchy hook.  If staying hidden means we keep getting songs this good, let Blood Cultures be a mystery as long as he wants.  Enjoy.

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Stay by Indi.


Last week we noted how New Zealand is slowly creeping towards the indie music forefront and now we have even more proof with its latest star, Indira Force a/k/a Indi.  The 19-year-old’s debut single, “Stay,” is produced by Joel Little, the “it” producer whose resume’s recent entries include Lorde and Broods.  “Stay” is a tranquil, luxurious synth track that swells at just the right moments with an intoxicating chorus and spattered electronics.  With the skills Indi. shows off on “Stay,” it’s unlikely we’ll be leaving her anytime soon.  Enjoy.

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Never Gonna Change by Broods


I’ve always touted Australia as the greatest musical exporter but it looks like New Zealand is giving the Aussies a run for their money.  Lorde kicked down the door in 2013 and the new synth pop duo, Broods, has snuck in right behind her.  Broods arrived last year with their debut single, “Bridges.”  They followed that up with the even more impressive, “Never Gonna Change.”  The brother/sister duo are quickly cementing themselves as the pioneers of moody, atmospheric pop music, combining complex productions with dark, sweeping melodies and heartbreaking vocals.  The duo recently signed with Capitol Records and should be releasing their first EP in February.  Hopefully “Never Gonna Change” can hold us over until then.  Enjoy.

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